Next Puppies Expected Late 2018

Yellow lab litter photo


All puppies born in 2018 have found forever homes. The puppies pictured above are the most recent puppies from Brit's litter (born 12/2017). Next puppies are expected late 2018. Sign up here for emails when new photos and videos are available:

​How Many

​I try to keep the website updated with the number available. Please check the top of the page for the latest info. Please keep in mind that I have to manually update the page, but you can always text me for up-to-date info.

​Reserve One

​​If you would like a puppy, please place a deposit as soon as you are sure. In cases where someone wants to choose which puppy, the earlier deposit gets priority choice.

​How Much?

The asking price is between $1250 and $1500. On litters where we have limited supply of male/females, some might be priced higher.


We are most excited to welcome our new Sunberry Labrador Puppy in a few weeks. He will join a loving forever home with his 5 year old Yellow Lab Brother. We searched very carefully for him and was most impressed with everything Sunberry had to offer. I’m certain we are getting a healthy, quality Dog who hopefully will bring us years of companionship. If you are looking for a Labrador, this is the place.

Update May 2017: Cooper is 5 years old and absolutely loves Finn (Sunberry Puppy). A vibrant and active puppy yet well behaved already. Not saying he has not gotten into trouble but he is still a baby. Our Veterinarian said Finn is healthy and indicative that you breed and offer quality Labrador Retrievers. Thanks again for allowing Finn to have a wonderful forever home.

Jeffrey Jones Pennsylvania

Latest Photos & Videos:

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Terms, and Important Info

The deposit amount is $250 and is not refundable. Why not refundable?

  • It's not fair to the puppy if you let it sit when he or she is ready to go with you.
  • It's not fair to other people who would have gladly taken that puppy if it was available.
  • I need to know who really wants a puppy to make sure they all get homes. 

But what if something changes? What if not enough puppies are born (if you are hoping for a future litter)? In the event of Sunberry Labs not being able to give you a puppy you reserved, we can transfer the deposit to a future litter (or switch from male to female or vice versa), or transfer to a puppy from

If you're interested, but not ready to put down the deposit, that's fine. Sign up to the email list to be reminded periodically of the litter's growth. Unsubscribe at any time. Our messages are about weekly, and far less when there are no available puppies.


I offer a 10 day health guarantee against contagious and communicable diseases. In addition, we guarantee for 1 year that there will be no life threatening congenital defects. You do not need to worry about a "lemon."

Josie's litter of 9 puppies Feb 2018

​Josie's puppies, 2 weeks old, March 4, 2018